Programming Examples

Create a program that will generate a bill at McDonald based on given details

Create a program that will generate b bill at McDonald’s for four vegetable burgers (@Rs 45 per vegetable Burger) and three vegetable McPuffs(@Rs 25 per vegetable McPuff). There is a special Independence Day discount of Rs 50 on the final bill amount.


class McDonald
    public static void main(String arr[])
        int burger=45,mc_puffs=25,bill,final_bill;
        System.out.println("Burger @"+burger+"x4 ="+(burger*4)+" Rs.");
        System.out.println("McPuffs @"+mc_puffs+"x3 ="+(mc_puffs*3)+" Rs.");
        System.out.println("Total "+bill+" Rs.");
        System.out.println("Discount 50 Rs");
        System.out.println("Final Amount : "+final_bill+" Rs.");

Burger @45x4 =180 Rs.

McPuffs @25x3 =75 Rs.

Total 255 Rs.

Discount 50 Rs

Final Amount : 205 Rs.

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