Java Script Tutorial

UNIT - 1

JS Introduction

Overview of JavaScript

History and evolution

Use cases and applications

Question & Answer

UNIT - 2

JS Basic Syntax and Data Types

Variables and constants

Data types

JS Operators

Question & Answer

UNIT - 3

JS Control Flow and Loops

Conditional statements


Control flow statements

Question & Answer

UNIT - 4

JS Functions

Declaring and invoking functions

Function expressions vs. function declarations

Arrow functions

Function scope and closures

Question & Answer

UNIT - 5

JS Arrays

Creating and manipulating arrays

Array methods

Multidimensional arrays

Question & Answer

UNIT - 6

JS Objects

Properties and methods

Prototypes and inheritance

Object-oriented programming in JavaScript

Prototypes and inheritance

Question & Answer

UNIT - 8

JS DOM Manipulation

Introduction to the Document Object Model (DOM)

Selecting DOM elements

Manipulating DOM elements (changing content, styles, attributes)

Event handling

Question & Answer

UNIT - 9

JS Browser Object Model

Manipulating the browser window and its properties

Handling browser history

Working with cookies and local storage

Question & Answer

UNIT - 10

JS Error Handling

try-catch statements

Error objects

Handling exceptions gracefully

Question & Answer

UNIT - 11

JS Asynchronous JavaScript

Introduction to asynchronous programming

Callback functions


Async/await syntax

Question & Answer

UNIT - 12

JS ES6+ Features

Arrow functions

Template literals

Destructuring assignment

Spread and rest operators

Classes and inheritance

Question & Answer

UNIT - 13

JS Modules

Introduction to JavaScript modules

Import and export syntax

Module bundlers (Webpack, Rollup)

Question & Answer

UNIT - 14

JS Regular Expressions

Creating and using regular expressions

RegExp methods and properties

Common regex patterns

Question & Answer

UNIT - 15

JS Function Library

Math Functions

String Functions

Array Functions

Date Functions

Type Conversion Functions

Utility Functions

Question & Answer

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