c program to addition of two times using structure

Programming Example

Define a structure Time having integer data members hour, minute, second. Write a program to enter two variables of the type Time and then add these two variables and store the result into third variable. Also validate the second and minute of the result and print it.


struct Time
	int hour,minute,second;
int main()
	struct Time t1,t2,t3;
	printf("Enter the Time 1 (Hour,minute and Second)");
	printf("Enter the Time 2 (Hour,minute and Second)");
	printf("\n Time 1 %d : %d : %d",t1.hour,t1.minute,t1.second);
	printf("\n Time 2 %d : %d : %d",t2.hour,t2.minute,t2.second);
	printf("\n Time 3 %d : %d : %d",t3.hour,t3.minute,t3.second);
	return 0;

Enter the Time 1 (Hour,minute and Second)3 40 50

Enter the Time 2 (Hour,minute and Second)2 45 50

 Time 1 3 : 40 : 50

 Time 2 2 : 45 : 50

 Time 3 6 : 26 : 40

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