R Tutorial with Examples

UNIT - 1

Introduction to Go

Overview of Go language features and syntax

History and evolution of the Go language

Comparisons with other programming languages

Question & Answer

UNIT - 2

Installing and Setting Up Go

Installing the Go compiler and tools

Setting up the Go workspace and environment variables

Question & Answer

UNIT - 3

Basic Syntax and Data Types

Declaring variables and constants

Basic data types

Complex data types

Question & Answer

UNIT - 4

Control Structures

Conditional statements

Looping constructs

Question & Answer

UNIT - 5

Functions and Methods

Declaring and calling functions

Function parameters and return values

Declaring and using methods on types

Question & Answer

UNIT - 6

Pointers and Memory Management

Understanding pointers in Go

Passing pointers to functions

Memory management in Go

Question & Answer

UNIT - 7

Concurrency and Goroutines

Introduction to concurrency in Go

Creating and managing Goroutines

Communication between Goroutines using channels

Question & Answer

UNIT - 8

Packages and Libraries

Organizing code into packages

Importing and using standard library packages

Creating and importing custom packages

Question & Answer

UNIT - 9

Error Handling

Handling errors using the error interface

Propagating errors and returning error values from functions

Using the panic and recover functions for exceptional cases

Question & Answer

UNIT - 10

File Handling and I/O Operations

Reading and writing files in Go

Working with file paths and directories

Performing input/output operations using standard I/O

Question & Answer

UNIT - 11

Web Development with Go

Overview of web frameworks in Go

Creating HTTP servers and handling requests

Routing, middleware, and request/response handling

Question & Answer

UNIT - 12

Database Access and ORM

Connecting to databases

Performing CRUD operations with SQL databases

Using Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) libraries in Go

Question & Answer

UNIT - 13

JSON and XML Processing

Encoding and decoding JSON data

Parsing and generating XML data

Working with JSON and XML APIs

Question & Answer

UNIT - 14

Concurrency Patterns and Best Practices

Implementing common concurrency patterns

Best practices for writing concurrent and thread-safe code

Question & Answer

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