MySQL Tutorial with Examples

UNIT - 1

Database Fundamentals

Question & Answer

UNIT - 2

MySQL Introduction

Overview of MySQL and its features

History and development of MySQL

Comparison with other database management systems

Installing MySQL server and client

Configuring MySQL server settings

Setting up users and permissions

Data types supported by MySQL

Question & Answer

UNIT - 3

Managing databases





Question & Answer

UNIT - 4

Working with tables

Display list of Tables

Creating Tables

Altering Existing Table

Delete Exiting table

Question & Answer

UNIT - 5

Constraints and Relationships

Defining constraints

Relationships between tables

Type Relationships

Question & Answer

UNIT - 6

Querying data

Display All data from table

Display selected Column from table

Colum aliasing

Display Distinct values

Apply limit to display data

Question & Answer

UNIT - 7

Sorting data

Display the in ascending order

Display the in descending order

Question & Answer

UNIT - 8

Filtering data

using where clause to filter data

operators used in where clause

Question & Answer

UNIT - 9

Joining tables

Natural Join

Inner join

outer join

cross join

Question & Answer

UNIT - 10

Grouping data

using GROUP BY clause

Using Having Clause

Question & Answer

UNIT - 11

Functions in Mysql

String Functions

Numeric Functions

Date and Time Functions

Mathematical Functions

Aggregate Functions

Control Flow Functions

JSON Functions

Encryption and Hashing Functions

Bitwise Functions

Spatial Functions

Question & Answer

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