Django Tutorial with Examples

UNIT - 1

Introduction to Django

Overview of Django framework

Features and advantages

Question & Answer

UNIT - 2

Installation of Django

Installing Django using pip

Creating a virtual environment

Starting a new Django project

Question & Answer

UNIT - 3

Understanding Django Projects and Apps

Structure of a Django project

Creating Django apps

Linking apps to projects

Question & Answer

UNIT - 4

The Django Template System

Creating HTML templates

Template inheritance

Using template tags and filters

Question & Answer

UNIT - 5

Models and Databases

Defining models

Database migrations

Working with Django ORM

QuerySets and Managers

Question & Answer

UNIT - 6

Views and URLs

Creating views (function-based and class-based)

URL patterns and routing

Passing data to views

Question & Answer

UNIT - 7

Forms and Form Handling

Creating forms in Django

Form validation

Handling form submissions

Question & Answer

UNIT - 8

Admin Interface

Admin site setup

Customizing the admin interface

Adding models to the admin

Question & Answer

UNIT - 9

Authentication and Authorization

User authentication

User registration and login

Permissions and user roles

Question & Answer

UNIT - 10

Static Files and Media Handling

Managing static files (CSS, JS, images)

Handling user-uploaded files (media)

Serving static and media files in development and production

Question & Answer

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