C Interview Question Answer

Question : 1

What does static variable mean?

Question : 2

What is a pointer?

Question : 3

What are the uses of a pointer?

Question : 4

What is a structure?

Question : 5

What is a union?

Question : 6

What are the differences between structures and union?

Question : 7

What are the differences between structures and arrays?

Question : 8

In header files whether functions are declared or defined?

Question : 9

What are the differences between malloc () and calloc ()?

Question : 10

What are macros? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Question : 11

Difference between pass by reference and pass by value?

Question : 12

What is static identifier?

Question : 13

Where is the auto variables stored?

Question : 14

Where does global, static, and local, register variables, free memory and C Program instructions get stored?

Question : 15

Difference between arrays and linked list?

Question : 16

What are enumerations?

Question : 17

Describe about storage allocation and scope of global, extern, static, local and register variables?

Question : 18

What are register variables? What are the advantages of using register variables?

Question : 19

What is the use of typedef?

Question : 20

Can we specify variable field width in a scanf() format string? If possible how?

Question : 21

Out of fgets() and gets() which function is safe to use and why?

Question : 22

Difference between strdup and strcpy?

Question : 23

What is recursion?

Question : 24

Differentiate between for loop and a while loop? What are it uses?

Question : 25

What is storage class? What are the different storage classes in C?

Question : 26

What the advantages of using Unions?

Question : 27

What is the difference between Strings and Arrays?

Question : 28

What is a far pointer? Where we use it?

Question : 29

What is a huge pointer?

Question : 30

What is a normalized pointer, how do we normalize a pointer?

Question : 31

What is near pointer?

Question : 32

In C, why is the void pointer useful? When would you use it?

Question : 33

What is a NULL Pointer? Whether it is same as an uninitialized pointer?

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