Ordered List

Ordered List in HTML <OL>

Ordered list also called as Numbered list, is used to present a numbered list of item in the order of importance or the item (paragraph) is marked with a number.

An ordered list must begin with the <OL> followed by an <LI> list item tag.

Example: An HTML document orderedList.html shows the use of Ordered List

An Ordered List
<H1><U> Various Terms Used In Internet</U></H1>
<LI> WWW-World Wide Web
<LI> URL-Uniform Resource Locator
<LI> HTTP-Hypertext Transfer Protocol
<LI> FTP-File Transfer Protocol
<LI> HTML-Hypertext Markup Language

Attributes of <OL> tag:

COMPACT : render a list in compact form.

TYPE : allows marking list items with different types. By default the list Item markers are set to numbers 1,2,3… so on.

Other values of TYPE attribute are:

Type = A
Capital letter eg. A, B, C………
Type = a
Small letter eg. a, b, c,………
Type = I
Uppercase Roman Numbers eg. I, II, III……
Type = i
Lowercase Roman Numbers eg. i, ii, iii……
Type = 1
eg. 1, 2, 3………….

START : used for lists that need to start at values other than 1. START always specified in default numbers, and is completed based on TYPE before display, For example, If START =5 it would display either an ‘E’, ‘e’, ‘V’, ‘v’, or ‘5’ based an TYPE attribute.

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